New Partner Introductory Offer

Grades 3–8

A lot of science in a small package! This hand-held electronic circuit board — equipped with touch sensors, lights, sounds, remote control, and an accelerometer — can be programmed as a game, musical instrument, or anything else students can think of. Unlike other coding platforms, students learn the fundamentals of coding principles through activities, thought experiments, class discussions, journaling, and guided and independent coding. They also explore and use real-life coding strategies to bring their ideas to life. Two grade-appropriate versions are available: Grades 3-5 and 6-8.

Special STEAM offer includes:

  • Innovative K–8 curriculum
  • Hands-on STEAM project kits
  • A user-friendly coding environment
  • Ready-to-teach lessons, activity guides, and student assessments
  • Professional Development and support

 LaunchPad project examples:

  • Electronic board game
  • Light and sound show
  • Musical instrument
  • Speed reaction game
  • Balance device
  • And much more!
LaunchPad Lights (1)

Fill out the form to request the LaunchPad introductory offer. A School Partner will follow up to provide more information and help answer any questions.

Introductory pricing starts at $40 per student and requires a minimum of 12 students. Includes 4-6 hours of Professional Development (time varies depending on engagement of participants). Offer open to new TinkRworks partners only. 

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