STEAM Project-based Learning for K-8

Only TinkRworks provides all of the essential ingredients to ensure successful STEM implementation — including innovative curriculum, hands-on STEAM project kits, a user-friendly coding environment, and professional development.

Check out the TinkRbot Lesson Sampler for preview of our STEAM curriculum (grades 3-5).

TinkRbot Sampler


  • TinkRworks Curriculum Overview
  • Curriculum Map
  • Instructional Slides
  • Programming Challenges
  • Activity Guide
  • Student Assessments


Project Description
TinkRbot | Grades 3-5

Explore the fundamentals of robotics with TinkRbot! Students build a robot with unique capabilities from scratch. They develop logic and programming skills through design, build, and coding. Using a cloud-based coding environment, students program their robots to complete a variety of challenges — designed to allow students to develop logic and programming skills fundamental to all robotics. Through hands-on exploration and experimentation, students learn about conversion, conservation, and transfer of energy.