How it works:

Our team is here to help you create a custom STEAM program that meets your STEM/STEAM goals. Mix and match from our catalog of make-and-take and reusable project kits for a budget-friendly, supplemental STEAM solution.

   1.  Contact us to request pricing
Tell us about yourself and which TinkRworks' projects interest you. A School Partner will follow up to create a custom quote and help answer any questions. Fill out the form or email us at

  2. Meet your STEAM partner
A School Partner will help you find a solution that meets your STEAM goals.

  3. Receive tools & training
Our curriculum experts provide professional learning and coaching so you can effectively and confidently deliver TinkRworks' STEAM projects.

  4. Start TinkRing
Now the fun begins! Transform learners into innovators with engaging lessons and fun projects.

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