New Partner Introductory Offer

Grades 1–8

Art Electric explores the basics of design, art, and programming. Students use a wide range of materials to create an interactive art project. Throughout the build process, students use a programming environment to customize their design and bring their artwork to life. 

Special STEAM offer includes:

  • Standards-rich K–8 Curriculum
  • Hands-on STEAM project kits
  • A user-friendly coding environment
  • Ready-to-teach lessons and activity guides
  • Student assessments
  • Professional Development (FREE - a $1500 value!)
  • Access to the TinkRworks Support Team (FREE)

Fill out the form to request the Art Electric introductory offer. A School Partner will follow up to provide more information and help answer any questions.

Introductory pricing starts at $80 per student and requires a minimum of 12 students. Includes 2-4 hours of Professional Development (time varies depending on engagement of participants). Offer open to new TinkRworks partners only. 

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